The Dhawo

The Dhawo is coming to you friendly and able
With a goatee and a wrench and an admirable degree
You can’t live long enough to exceed its plans to justify
It will redefine the way you do things most of all in private
The Dhawo has always been young and most promising most willing most becoming
The Dhawo knows what is best for your town
There is no improvement without the Dhawo no loss for reminiscence
You may have wanted fame too but you must move over must be buried now dear one

Don’t pray to the Dhawo it thinks that’s a tone for pitying yourself you excuse
It halves the stone the cloud and has more surface
The lingo of computation the new the lingo of summation the new it hears this
It will take every path from you and give them back in time for pretending
The Dhawo is never lonely so it doesn’t need your love
The Dhawo is ever wandering feeding on the human wish to figure out
It storms the city and casts down the silver drops the million flattering mirrors useless to revelation
It wants to make your palm the shelf for this fall’s product line

The Dhawo doesn’t know it’s the Dhawo it thinks it’s hope a good injection one of us
See its corpse-pile its rationale its artistic breakthrough its smooth cheek
Poor Dhawo never falls out of itself
Poor Dhawo speeds up
You can lick its creams you can vote for its opposition recycle seek a real cave
The Dhawo with its myriad arms poor Dhawo hurts to have to do this
It jump cuts from evil it’s coming ruddy and muscular

–From With Your Back to Half the Day